Salt Lake Bard

Local Music

As musicians living in Utah, stakeholders here at Salt Lake Bard  obviously care about  local music—especially in this time of the "New Normal," where COVID-19 has decimated public gatherings and live music venues. 

As such, we are dedicated to educating and informing locals and visitors about events, news and stories about local musicians and the events they are part of.

Creating a Music City

Salt Lake City has great musicians, venues and music production vendors, but little is known about this outside of Utah. Salt Lake Bard intends to tell these stories and help promote the rising stars to locals, visitors and music lovers around the USA and beyond.

By helping raise the level of artistry and awareness in the music-loving community, more resources and opportunities will be come available to artists, venues and music production/management business in the region.

Hospitality, food, retail and other industries will also benefit. We're in this together. Let make it work.

Northern Utah Local Music Scene Map

Music Scene Map of Norther Utah

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